Out 18/09/20

As nomadic musicians, the songs revolve around themes of travels and encounters, from ‘See How the Evening Goes’ (about the spark that provoked the duo’s big adventure) through to ‘Racing the Hour Hand’ (embodying the urgency found within their creative process). 


The album adds more stories to the duo’s growing scrapbook of musical adventures, augmenting their irreplaceable live performance in adventurous arrangements featuring guest musicians from across the globe. In collaboration with sound artist (and former member of Good Habits) Benji Marrington-Reeve, their acoustic instruments find new sonic potentials culminating in a bold and imaginative experience. The duo’s versatile sound and welcoming personality sees more instrumentalists join the Good Habits community. They welcome violinist Tiffany Anderson and bass player Léo Rocha who help create a direct sound that sits imaginatively and unfussily between the reaches of folk traditions from around the world.

Recorded by Pete Shaw and Bonnie Schwarz 

Produced by  Benjamin Marrington-Reeve 

Mastered by Matt Waters and Matt Bush 


Vocals/Cello - Bonnie Schwarz 

Accordion/Cajon - Pete Shaw 

Violin - Tiffany Anderson

Bass - Léo Rocha 

Sax/Bass/BV - Benjamin Marrington-Reeve 


Artwork by Freya Slack

(featuring photography from Jack D’Arcy) 

 Sound mentor - Alex Armstrong-Holding 

Publicist - Hugh Morris 


Special thanks to:

In The Shallows @whatsintheshallows.

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