What is a 'Gift-Letter'?

We wanted to find a way of keeping in contact with those with friends and supporters that isn't dependent on social media and we want to say thank you! 

Each monthly gift-letter will include:
-A free download of our music
-Access to half price tickets (These can purchased on behalf of friends+family)
-Our monthly playlists

-and a quick summary of what we've been making/where we've been exploring. 

Love Bonnie and Pete x

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Why joining our Mailing list is especially wonderful... 

As you may already know, most free social media platforms make it harder and harder for (e.g. we have to pay Facebook in order for our posts to be shown to more than a small fraction of our current followers).

However, with a mailing list, we can let you know what we're up to, send you are creations and how you can connect with us without it costing our pocket and you don't need to be bombarded by advertising either! (other than ours...)