Live Show 9th-12 March 

Bats Theatre, Wellington

Single Out 05.02

I Dont Know How To Dance

A new piece of gig-theatre about why and when we as humans dance

And a new single to capture the show

Award winning UK alternative-folk duo,

Good Habits, are joined by contemporary dancer, Cade Hansen, to present their latest international collaboration. Displaying their virtuosic cello-accordion playing within original electro-acoustic genre infused composition, they tell a new story.

Storytelling has always been at the heart of Good Habits’ creative ideology and can be seen throughout their music making and performance. After their first gig-theatre exploration, ‘Child’ (Everyman Playhouse, Liverpool), they have been itching to delve back into the world of gig-theatre, which has seen a huge rise in the UK theatre scene. They define

‘Gig Theatre’ as live-music-driven performance that captures the electric energy of a gig to enhance the storytelling. 

In 'I Don’t Know How To Dance', Good Habits invite voices from across the globe to share their experiences and interactions of dance, which become woven into the audio tapestry of the show. Amongst this, they tell a story of confidence, culture, and identity, embodied by Cade Hansen (New Zealand School of Dance) 


Through an energetic connection where the musicians dance and the dancer is amongst the music, the performance takes us on an invigorating journey through genre and dance as a social ritual, exploring it’s diverse roles and meanings. .

Photo by John Flatt.

Dance is empowering, romantic, expressive, silly. 

Dance is our culture and our self-esteem.

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