A new album by Good Habits as they return to the UK after 2 years happily stranded in New Zealand. 

1st Single - 16th October

2nd Single - 29th October

Album Out - 26th November

Flitting energetically between the exhilaration of roaming life in a foreign country and the inevitable pining for home (some 12,000 miles away), Antipody sees Good Habits open up their scrapbook of life lessons, weaving those stories into reflective songs that detail the highs and lows of being ‘stuck in paradise’.

Good Habits-30.jpg

"Good Habits wrap darkly witty lyrics in a delightfully old-world package that crash together the timeless sounds of cellos and accordions with knowing and warm vocals that make you want to wrap this little duo band around you like an old blanket"

Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls)