"Wonderfully Quirky, and Exceptionally Talented"

-Unheard NZ

"The duo are musical tricksters, relishing irregular time signatures and a tendency to reprise motifs just when you think the song is over. There's a rare emotional warmth and fullness to Good Habits' sound; this captivating set of highly original songs chugs along beautifully."

                                                                    - Songlines

Good Habits are a UK alt-folk duo, telling stories and turning heads across the globe. 

Composed of singer-cellist Bonnie Schwarz and accordionist Pete Shaw, Good Habits create folk-infused songs that test the limits of their traditional instruments. 

Sitting between folk and indie, their upbeat and interactive set guides the audiences through the chapters of their musical adventures, maintaining folk roots of musical storytelling amongst their energetic, virtuosic playing. As an award winning composer and sound designer, Bonnie has worked with Manchester and London’s most established theatres, creating new and innovative sonic experiences. Pete is an experienced performer who bases his style around many different folk influences; from Irish to Klezmer, Pete has performed across Europe and the United States of America.   


Cyanotype Artwork by Freya Slack

With ambition and versatility at the centre of their philosophy, Good Habits launched their duo project in October 2019. The standing-singing-dancing band embarked on a 40 show tour across New Zealand, wowing audiences across the length and breadth of the country in the process. Covid-19 left them stranded in New Zealand, but thanks to the warmth and support of new friends, they made the most of NZ's triumphant recovery. 

In 2020, Good Habits we're the winners Purbeck Rising Competition and look forward to Performing at Purbeck Folk 2021. 

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Photos on this page by Bob Zuur

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