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Photo by Kate Griffin


Songlines (★★★★)

"An infectious energy and joy that’s impossible to resist"
Folk Radio UK

"Revved up folkies with great energy and spirit"
13th Floor (★★★★★)

At the beginning of their journey, the pair spent 2 years happily stranded on tour in New Zealand by the pandemic where they performed at some of NZ’s largest festivals. Their debut album, "Going For Broke", received glowing press in Songlines and The New Zealand Herald, and they were endorsed by Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman and the New Zealand Police. 


Since returning home as Purbeck Rising winners, they have had a jam-packed first year back in the UK, which saw the release of their 2nd album, "Antipody"as well as performances at many of the UK's top folk festivals.

They can now be found touring relentlessly around the UK and Germany in their red van, Laurie Vanderson, combining their love of collaboration, performing and workshop leading.

"Folk music at its 21st century best"

Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6

"Pete's the palest man I've ever met"
Lenny Henry

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