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Or even better... 

Photo by Carissa Corlett

SINGLE (for Live Gig-Theatre Show) //

'I Don't Know How To Dance'//

Out 5th Feb 2021

Recorded by Warwick 

Produced (and Mixed) by Benjamin Marrington Reeve

Mastered by Intro To Music Theory 

Composer By Bonnie Schwarz and Pete Shaw

Christmas Cover 'River' //

Chrome Music's A Very Merry Xmas Compilation//

Out 15th December 2020

Various Artists, Released by Chrome Music

Recorded by Deo at Maya Music, Queenstown 

Mixed by Pete Shaw 

Mastered by Chrome Music 

Song by Joni Mitchell 


Going For Broke//

Out 18th September

Recorded by Pete Shaw and Bonnie Schwarz 

Produced by  Benjamin Marrington-Reeve 

Mastered by Matt Waters and Matt Bush 


Vocals/Cello - Bonnie Schwarz 

Accordion/Cajon - Pete Shaw 

Violin - Tiffany Anderson

Bass - Léo Rocha 

Sax/Bass/BV - Benjamin Marrington-Reeve 


Artwork by Freya Slack

(featuring photography from Jack D’Arcy) 

 Sound mentor - Alex Armstrong-Holding 

Publicist - Hugh Morris 


Special thanks to:

In The Shallows @whatsintheshallows

"The duo are musical tricksters..There's a rare emotional warmth and fullness to Good Habits' sound..’’ Songlines

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Lullaby from The Rain

EP //

Lockdown Creations

Recorded and Produced by Alex Armstrong-Holding 

Mastered by Peter 

Vocals/Cello - Bonnie Schwarz

Viola - Lydia Taylor  

Accordion- Pete Shaw 

Bass - Benji Marrington-Reeve 

Harp - Alice Roberts   

Music Video Edited by Lydia Taylor 

Our self-produced, DIY project.

'Talk to Me' and 'Just a Little While' we're created as part of the 'Creative Genius' commission series for The New Zealand police. 'Grateful from Here' was created with Joanne Farquarson, winner of the 'Create Connection' global auction for creatives. 


Patient World 

Recorded and Produced  by Alex Armstrong-Holding

Vocals/Cello - Bonnie Schwarz, Viola - Lydia Taylor 

Cajon- Pete Shaw, Harp - Alice Roberts 

Added Percussion - Alex Armstrong-Holding 

Embroidery Artwork - Freya Slack 

Small Person Music video by 

Waiting for a Ride Music Video Created by MODIFY films, Josh Wilkinson and David Hall.