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Our debut album, 'Going For Broke', was recorded during a Kiwi lockdown in our bedroom by the sea and released in September 2020.


Going For Broke - CD

  • Get in contact if you require a return/refund and we'll see what we can do!

  • Recorded by Pete Shaw and Bonnie Schwarz 

    Mixed by Benjamin Marrington-Reeve 

    Mastered by Matt Waters and Matt Bush 

    Vocals/Cello - Bonnie Schwarz 

    Accordion/Cajon - Pete Shaw 

    Violin - Tiffany Anderson

    Bass - Léo Rocha 

    Sax - Benjamin Marrington-Reeve 

    Artwork by Freya Slack (featuring Photography from Jack D’Arcy)

    Photos by Bob Zuur 

    Sound mentor - Alex Armstrong-Holding 

    Publicist - Hugh Morris 


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